Your shipment via Air Freight

Does time play a major role in a shipment or is air freight the only option to deliver within a certain time frame? Then it is obvious that you choose air freight. Scheers Logistics understands better than anyone that time is valuable and should not be wasted. We have the expertise to meet all air transport requirements, according to the customer's requirements and wishes and regardless of the size of the shipments.

Different possibilities

Customers can choose from various services, tailored to the time available: time-guaranteed shipments, direct and indirect flights, groupage services, charters and partial charters.

We work with all airlines. This collaboration gives us extensive knowledge and experience, so that the various phases in the process connect seamlessly. We are in contact with agents worldwide to ensure delivery or collection as quickly and efficiently as possible. Together we ensure that the shipment is delivered to its destination as quickly as possible and that this process runs as smoothly as possible.

We are in contact with agents worldwide to ensure delivery or collection as quickly and efficiently as possible.


We handle your goods with the same care as you would do yourself. Every phase of the transport is closely monitored, so that your goods arrive at their destination as safely and as quickly as possible. We take care of the administration, documentation and paperwork before and after the flight, so you don't have to worry about it.

If your shipment is fragile or difficult to transport, we do everything we can to ensure that your shipment is handled with special care, so that it is delivered undamaged to the right place and time.

Next flight option

Scheers Logistics has the option to book your shipment on the next flight and continuously monitors your shipment. We will notify you as soon as the shipment has been delivered. If the recipient would like to be notified of this just before delivery, that is of course possible.

You can also count on our experience and expertise when it comes to customs formalities, such as clearing your goods. In short, we ensure that the process runs quickly and smoothly. If a small shipment is extremely urgent, we can also send your shipment accompanied. The shipment will then be personally handed over to the recipient you specified.

In short: you have come to the right place for careful and fast handling of your air freight shipment.

Our air freight services (import and export):

  • Door-to-door deliveries worldwide;
  • Direct flights;
  • Indirect flights;
  • Customs clearance, both import and export documentation;
  • Combination of Air & Sea services;
  • On-board couriers;
  • Airport-to-airport options, both import and export;
  • Competitive rates.
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